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Customer Testimonials

We are grateful for the continued support of each and every one of the fine folks who shop at Nature’s Storehouse.  Read on to hear what our customers say about us…

Dear Nature's Storehouse,

 I deeply appreciate the hot soups and cold salads that are offered every day.  I know I can run in and grab a healthy lunch at the last minute before heading to work. You provide my "fast food" lunch. My kids also enjoy me saying that they can pick out their own snacks without my constant disapproval. They feel like they have the freedom to choose from several different "treats" that they know I will say yes to.


Thank you to the owner and staff of Nature's Storehouse

-Shelby Connelly

New Possibilities Traditional Acupuncture


Shopping at Nature's Storehouse is always a pleasure. Nature's friendly staff is knowledgeable and exceptionally helpful. I especially appreciate their deep commitment to supporting local farmers and artisans. I am grateful to live in a community where a business like this can thrive.

-Rebecca Pickens

Nature's is a family friendly, health supporting, whole foods, educational experience! The staff are friendly and helpful. They know their subject and they know their community so if they don't have it, they can get it for you. They work well with other holistic providers in the community and can help you achieve the wellness you seek! ---Allison K. 


I love the fact that there is so much located in a small space.  I can get my food basics (milk, cheese, cereal, eggs and fresh produce) and dry goods like diapers and dish soap in a quick and easily accessible trip that my kids will enjoy.

-Esther Oey


I am always amazed at how very fresh the organic produce and fruits are at Natures Storehouse. They also have the very best wild caught red salmon from a family fisherman from Cook Inlet Alaska. It is by far the best salmon I have ever eaten. It’s also nice to know that the salmon and many other items I buy at NS are from family run businesses just like NS is!

 -Sandy Maine                                     

President, CEO & Founder

SunFeather Natural Soap Company

1551 State Highway 72 - Potsdam, New York 13676

315-265-3648  -  fax 315-265-2902  -


You have everything I like and need and I wish you were closer!  Two items I can't get elsewhere:  tasty hot lentil soup, and Aubrey's After Sun lotion.  I can't get B12 elsewhere either (the under-tongue tablets).  I appreciate your dedication to good health.



Rainbow, I really appreciate the time your knowledgeable staff takes to help find, compare and explain the value of products such as vitamins, medicinal qualities of herbs etc.,  it's very enlightening as well.  Thank you for the comfort.

-Lynnie Wahl  


I love knowing that when we are hungry and snack-less in town, we can stop by Nature's and I can say "yes!" to the snack that the kiddos choose!

- Sarah Bentley-Garfinkel


I greatly appreciate the availability of bulk herbs at Nature's Storehouse.  I stop in once a month or so to have the kind ladies working there mix Raspberry, Nettle, Lemongrass and Peppermint leaves into a nourishing female tonic tea blend for me.  The herbs are always in stock when I need them and I appreciate that too.

-Gina Nicoletta- Budler   


I know Nature’s Storehouse is a very unique and important place to my family so here is one thought:

 Each year for my children’s birthday I let them pick a restaurant to celebrate their special day.  This year my 5 year old daughter picked Nature’s Storehouse.  I asked what she would get and she said, “I don’t know, I have to see the soups and wraps” as she has heard me say so many times before. After purchasing our meals, she asked if we could sit in the front of the store on the cement step like we have done countless times….except that her birthday is in January!  Favorite memories stay with you even if it is in the cold of winter.

- Sarah McDonough


In addition to offering a wide selection of natural remedies, herbs, and organic products, Nature's Storehouse enriches our downtown Canton community with healthy take-out at a reasonable price. The homemade soups are, as my fourteen year old daughter would say, awesome sauce.

 - Susan Griskonis


There are a number of items I now regularly purchase at Nature's Storehouse.  I'm sure I could not do without these items or the store.  Coffee beans, local eggs, tamari roasted almonds, dried apricots, organic raisins, peanut butter, steel cut oats (so much nutrition for so cheap!), oatmeal, kombu, Annie's shiitake sesame vinagrette salad dressing, local honey, local maple syrup, local maple-flavored yogurt, crystallized ginger and sesame seed candies.  I try not to buy everything all at once, because I like having an excuse to visit the store several times a week during my lunch so that I can buy a wrap and/or a cup of soup, also.  There is nothing like those fakin' bacon wraps - not even bacon itself.


"Nature's Storehouse provides me with a positive shopping experience that I don't typically find anymore.  It's small, it sells local and organic products and it provides me with information and products for alternative healthy living. Employees (and the owner!) are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Nature's Storehouse is a real asset to the community and beyond!

-Cindy Randi